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2019/12/10 SmartDV News
NSITEXE Selects SmartDV TileLink Verification IP for RISC-V Based Applications
Smart TileLink VIP to be Used to Ensure Complete Verification of High-Efficiency, High-Quality Semiconductor IP._Read More

2019/11/05  2019 GTC Taiwan

2019/10/02  Silicon Creations News
Silicon Creations Named 2019 TSMC Partner of the Year for Analog/Mixed-Signal IP 
Silicon Creations, a leading supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal intellectual property (IP), was awarded the 2019 TSMC Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) Partner of the Year Award for Analog / Mixed-Signal IP for the third consecutive year at the recent TSMC 2019 Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) Ecosystem Forum.._Read More
2019/06/25 ♦ SmartDV News
SmartDV Adds New Verification IP to Support OpenCAPI Standard
SmartDV™ Technologies, the Proven and Trusted choice for Verification Intellectual Property (IP), added new Verification IP to support the OpenCAPI standard aimed at boosting the performance of data center servers tasked with analyzing large amounts of data._Read More

2019/06/18 AMIQ News   
A helping hand for design and verification 
In the world of high technology, there is often an interesting interplay between the most popular consumer products and the most advanced devices and algorithms. For example, the near-ubiquitous smartphone includes many highly complex hardware and software components to achieve its ease of use. Web browsers and search engines, even easier to use, rely on a wide range of sophisticated algorithms to get the job done. Successful consumer products insulate everyday users from the underlying complexity._Read More

2019/06/01 Design Automation Conference (DAC) in LasVegas

#SiliconCreations #Design Automation Conference (DAC)

2019/05/23 TSMC Symposium#Moortec  #SiliconCreations   #NSCore  #TSMC

2019/05/13 Moortec News
Moortec Support Canaan Creatives Mass Production ASIC on TSMC 7nm Process
Moortec, the market leading PVT Monitoring IP specialists are proud to have helped Canaan Creative achieve mass production on TSMC’s 7nm process of their ASIC by utilising Moortec’s complete In-Chip Monitoring Subsystem IP for Process, Voltage and Temperature Sensing in the design._Read More

2019/05/01 Moortec News
Moortec Provide Embedded Monitoring Solutions For Arm’s Neoverse N1 System Development Platform On TSMC 7nm Process Technology

Moortec today announced the delivery of its In-Chip Monitoring solution on TSMC 7nm FinFET process to the new Arm® Neoverse™ N1 System Development Platform (SDP)._Read More

2019/04/07 Pulsic training in Yokohama [Japan]

2019/03/27 Moortec Annual Sales Rep Training in Plymouth [UK]

2019/03/09 Annual company outing in Kyoto [Japan]

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