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 2024/07/15 ♦ Crypto Quantique News

Crypto Quantique partners with silicon IP distributors across Asia to deliver quantum-driven chip security

Crypto Quantique, a provider of quantum-driven security for the Internet of Things (IoT), has announced three new partnerships with intellectual property (IP) distributors in the Asia-Pacific region, including Kaviaz Technology for Taiwan, LoMicro for China, and KRM for Japan and Korea.

 2024/05/23 ♦ Kaviaz News

TSMC Symposium Taiwan

 2024/04/11 ♦ Xiphera News

Xiphera Ltd. and kaviaz Announce a Partnership for IP Distribution in Taiwan
Xiphera, Ltd, a Finnish company designing and implementing hardware-based security solutions, announced today a partnership with Kaviaz Technology, a professional EDA/IP distributor based in Taiwan. Partnering with Kaviaz Technology, Xiphera is expanding its global sales network,

 2023/11/08 ♦ Kaviaz News

TSMC OIP Ecosystem Forum

 2023/09/28 ♦ Intrinsic ID News

Intrinsic ID Becomes World’s First IP Vendor with PSA Certified Level 3 Root of Trust Component
New solution from Intrinsic ID brings lab-validated security to connected devices in critical, high-performance Internet of Things (IoT) applications and enables compliance with US Cyber Trust Mark Program

 2023/07/10 ♦ Kaviaz News

The 60th DAC in San Francisco


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