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 2024/05/23 ♦ Kaviaz News

TSMC Symposium Taiwan

 2024/04/11 ♦ Xiphera News

Xiphera Ltd. and kaviaz Announce a Partnership for IP Distribution in Taiwan
Xiphera, Ltd, a Finnish company designing and implementing hardware-based security solutions, announced today a partnership with Kaviaz Technology, a professional EDA/IP distributor based in Taiwan. Partnering with Kaviaz Technology, Xiphera is expanding its global sales network,

 2023/11/08 ♦ Kaviaz News

TSMC OIP Ecosystem Forum

 2023/09/28 ♦ Intrinsic ID News

Intrinsic ID Becomes World’s First IP Vendor with PSA Certified Level 3 Root of Trust Component
New solution from Intrinsic ID brings lab-validated security to connected devices in critical, high-performance Internet of Things (IoT) applications and enables compliance with US Cyber Trust Mark Program

 2023/07/10 ♦ Kaviaz News

The 60th DAC in San Francisco

 2023/06/29 ♦ AMIQ News

AMIQ Celebrates 20 Successful Years in Semiconductor Design and Verification
Today announced that it has reached the key milestone of 20 successful years in the industry. With its complementary business units AMIQ Consulting and AMIQ EDA, the company has helped thousands of engineers worldwide develop some of the most advanced chips available and achieve first-silicon success.


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