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Ring PLL
“One-size-fits-almost-all” 24b-Fractional-N synthesizer
Silicon proven technology from 180nm, up to 3nm; support TSMC, GF, UMC, Samsung, Intel……..
INT / Frac mode; Option for SSCG, DPLL (jitter cleaning), Multi-phase, Deskew….
IoT PLL with 32kHz reference
Ultra-low-jitter LC PLL
for AFE, Converter, high-end PHY and RF clocking Ring PLL
Vx1, DisplayPort, SGMII, XAUI, JESD204, FastLVDS, PCIe1-5…….
Multiprotocol PMA: 12.5G; 16G; 26G; 32.75G……
LVDS IO / RingOSC / BG (Bandgap) / POR (Power On Reset)
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