凱為新聞 2011

2011/09/20     Kaviaz 與 Arioso 簽署獨家經銷協議

2011/09/12     Posedge Inc. Announces Its High Performance, Low Gate Count PE-SD3.01/SDIO3.0/eMMC4.5 Combo Device Controller IP.

2011/08/15     Kaviaz 與 Solido 簽署國際分銷協議

2011/07/24     Kaviaz 與 InPA 簽署了經銷商協議

2011/06/06     NASA Grants 4DSP License for Sensing Technology.

2011/05/10     4DSP announced the release of the VP680 and FC6301 Virtex-6 FPGA cards.

2011/04/21     Kaviaz 與 Silicon Creations 簽署台灣市場獨家經銷協議

2011/03/28     Kaviaz 與 4DSP 簽署台灣市場獨家經銷協議

2011/03/21     Kaviaz 與 SmartDV 簽署台灣市場獨家經銷協議

2011/02/14     Cybereda Releases New Analog Debug and Analysis Suite: Find and Fix Bugs 10X Faster.

2011/01/24     STARC Recommends Micrologic’s nanoRV™ for STARCAD-AMS.





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