凱為新聞 2016

2016/11/25     凱為與Moortec簽署分銷協議

2016/06/30     凱為與Xpeedic簽署分銷協議

2016/02/03      員工旅遊 日本大阪


2016/01/30     AMIQ

How To Use Compile Waivers?

You can use compile waivers to change the severity (promote/demote) or filter-out the problems reported by DVT Eclipse during compilation.

2016/01/09     AMIQ

How To Create a Custom Dialog? Part 1

2016/01/05     Codasip

Codasip Joins RISC-V Foundation and Announces Availability of RISC-V Compliant Codix Processor IP

Codasip®, an industry leading application specific processor (ASIP) vendor, today announced that it has joined with other industry leaders as a founding member of the RISC-V foundation to accelerate customer adoption of commercial implementations of RISC-V based processor designs. Additionally, Codasip announced it is making available versions of its Codix Processor IP that are compliant with the RISC-V specification – expanding its existing embedded processor IP offerings.

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